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A Template Ceremony is an alchemically calibrated, holonomic convergence of sound, form and consciousness, permanently reconnecting electromagnetic circuits that download the energetic nature of Source Consciousness into your energy field and endocrine system, activating your disassociation from the fear-based paradigm, initiating the collapse of programs that are reliant upon the synthetic matrix and re-embracing the Human hologram into the interactive, co-creative holography of the immortal continuum.

You become the portal through which Divine Consciousness flows.

The essential perspective of the Template model is the recognition that we are engaged in a mutant entropic paradigm generated by the brainwave frequency feedback of a genetically altered race. Rather than concocting mental disciplines, emotional processes and religious belief systems that allow us to ‘manage’ the pain and suffering of existence in a dualistic fear-based reality, the operative function of the Template model is in resonance with the understanding that the solution is never found at the level of the problem. Identifying a solution that exists beyond the level at which the entropy of this paradigm is being generated, the Template model bridges the geometric signal of light, the circuitry that delivers energetic information into the electromagnetic field, the rejuvenation of the endocrine system and DNA restoration to the transcendence of fear-based reality and the realisation of a new model of existence.

It is a whole system through which the resurrection of the original Human blueprint is achieved via the reconnection of bio-circuitry within the Human bio-computer. Each series of circuits creates a layer of re-instated electromagnetic integrity that, in turn, interacts with those previously reconnected.

The design and progression of the Template experiences are a combination code, which, through resonance with your genetic blueprint, builds synergy with the vibratory structure of your DNA, reconnecting bio-circuitry – permanently.

The corruption is in the matrix.

Popular projections of what a transformation in consciousness is going to look like are in most cases a revamp of the ‘box’ – a bigger, better box in which upgrading the paradigm means improving the conditions in which we can indulge our addictions in a ‘green’ way.

As essential as ecological awareness is, it is not enough. The new paradigm cannot be actualized from the intellectual abstraction of a dualistic interpretation of a better world, built on the infrastructure of the existing mutant matrix, for the corruption is in the matrix that generates the paradigm.

The full Human blueprint, prior to our genetic modification, already exists and is ethericaly present in every cell of our bodies. Resurrect the full divine immortal Human blueprint, and you will realize the visual audible feed-back of the true space-time continuum of a transcendent paradigm, for the Human design, is the sensory organ for planetary transcendence as Earth is the sensory organ for Human transcendence.

The new paradigm cannot be interpreted and determined as a theory but as a living frequency returned to the only instrument on which we can experience the truth of creation…our bodies.

The realization of a new paradigm will not spring from the mind. It will be understood in the mind, felt in the heart and made tangible in the body. We are the technology we have been waiting for.

The need for a new paradigm is not fully recognized and accepted until the corruption of all aspects of the existing model are perceived, and the true nature, extent and consequences of the crisis is understood.

Picture a man walking down the street of any town or city. In his hand is a plastic Coca-Cola bottle. He drains it and tosses it aside. What in this picture are the issues that should concern us? The fact that he has added to the defilement of his environment, that he has contaminated his body with a number of harmful chemicals, that he has contributed to the ecocide the cola company is causing in various third-world countries, that he has purchased his cola with money made from drug sales and prostitution, that he is going home to beat his wife and abuse his children, to watch child pornography on his computer? Is his emotional damage due to the brutality of his own childhood? What of the childhood of his parents, and their parents and theirs? Where did the cycle begin?

The roots of our deviation from the all-encompassing nurture of the Divine Benevolence, which places love and compassion as the cohesive force which inspires true evolution, is to be found in the modification of our DNA, the disturbance of our symbiotic relationship with light and the de-orchestration of the complex oscillating fields of Earth’s bio-systems.

Death is not inherent entropy but a consequence of systemic failure.

The dormant 95% of our genetic material is named ‘junk DNA’ by biologists who assume that it is inconsequential to our evolution and must be a mistake of nature. DNA is the language of our soul’s covenant with light, the fountainhead of our ability to manifest the full spectrum of Source Code Light, the prism through which creation translates the geometries of spirit coalescing into matter.

The percentage of the deactivated DNA is related to the impeded manifestation of Human consciousness and is transparently evident in the chronic failure of Earth’s sustaining systems. It is showing up at every level of Human existence. Beyond the deceit of our fraudulent history, the existence of this mass of genetic resource is the evident indication of our transcendental identity. The reactivation of this genetic covenant is intrinsic to Humanity’s ability to transcend this fear-based paradigm and restore its resonance with light.


Source Consciousness manifests and sustains all life

The nature of Prime Consciousness, transmitted from the Benevolent Heart of Creation as the male and female tantric potencies of creation, energetically manifest as electricity and magnetism. This creation code is downloaded into the Human bio-computer via the delivery system of circuitry.

Due to the genetic modification of the Human DNA and the psycho- social, chemical and religious manipulation of consciousness, major circuits within this system have been disconnected. The disconnection of Human bio-circuitry has led to a deficient supply of electromagnetic life-sustaining energy that has resulted in Humanity’s limited capacity to activate and express the full spectrum of its divine immortal blueprint.

The deprivation of this most elementary life force energy system has reduced Humanity to a conflict driven, mortal race, collectively manifesting a fear-based paradigm. The reconnection of individual Human bio-circuitry will establish a fully sentient resonant harmonic to be transmitted into the unified field of collective consciousness.

Once critical mass has been reached, the transformation of this morphogenetic field will be realized. The full spectrum of creation frequencies, broadcast through a multitude of reactivated units of Human circuitry, will subvert corrupt archetypal references and facilitate the redefinition of God in the Human psyche.

As form follows frequency, the collective waveform of a newly calibrated Human race will break through the confines of this mortal prison and generate a model of existence that reflects the full spectrum of the divine blueprint embedded in the Human matrix. The reconnection of bio-circuitry will ultimately recalibrate the frequency of the individual and the collective Human race to the cosmogenic order of its solar system and to its true divine identity as an immortal race able to access any time or energy level in the universe.

The Template model’s only purpose is the reconnection of Human bio-circuitry.


Light, as the quintessential form of consciousness made coherent, is the radiant emissary of the supreme organizing principle, luminously embodied by our Sun. It is in discovering the co-creative nature of our relationship with the Sun and the Earth
that our quintessential identity is revealed to us.

Our Sun deciphers and interprets the matrix of Source Intelligence projected as light from Galactic Core. We, as biological units of circuitry, are the sensory organs through which this light received, decipher and transmitted into Earth’s morphogenetic field. The range and integrity of the code we are able to download dictates the paradigm we collectively experience.

As stargates in time and space, portals through which Divine Consciousness flows, the alchemical masterpiece of our Human design was created to elucidate the divinity of light – to be the instrument upon which the Benevolence of our Conception may conduct a symphony of creation – each one of us expressing a sentient fractal harmonic of its consciousness.


Our Sun generates the photonic matrix of creation, communicating a cascade of radiant matrices, reaching out to Earth’s embrace for a resonant field in which to conceive matter.

This sacred communion between the Mother of Form and the Father of Consciousness realizes interference patterns of geometries that nest seamlessly – morphing, birthing ever more dense fields of manifestation, cohering into the crystallization of matter, translating light’s subtle impulses as life forms that walk, fly and swim, clothed in fur, feather and skin, trees, flowers and shimmering wings. Earth transforms the awareness of her Sun into the living poetry of form and feeling, colour and sound.

Our Sun represents to our psyche the ultimate comprehensive monadic geometry of existence. It is our prime connection to the Benevolence of our Creation. Its light is the counter-resonant field for our divine immortal blueprint.

Enlightenment is not simply a conceptual acquisition. It is a literal ability to become resonant with the evolutionary propensities of the geometries of light.

We need no more middle-men, no mediators between ourselves and the Benevolence of our Creation, no more creeds and doctrines…the truth is in this moment, transmitted from the Heart of the Cosmos, relating through creation and defining its message in a ray of light.

On Earth, in this temporal zone, Humanity is suffering a deficient morphic resonance with our Sun’s transmissions, due to the disconnection of circuitry and the resultant atrophy of the endocrine system that actively translates and utilizes the creation codes embedded in light. In this mutant temporal zone, each sunrise and sunset instead counts off the increment of time that defines our journey towards the grave. The Sun, rather than the giver of life, has become the hourglass of our death.

The assimilation and translation of light as information is integral to the process of individual and collective transcendence of this fear-based mortal paradigm.

Our ability to assimilate light is reliant upon the integrity of our circuitry and specifically the endocrine system it sustains. Thus the reconnection of circuitry is fundamental to the transcendence of the life/death/rebirth cycle.


The function through which what you know becomes who you are.

To surrender to the alchemy of ceremony is difficult for the western mind which searches for validation of experience through intellectual analysis. Akin to the fourth-dimensional potential matrix of an acorn that holds a thousand forests, the potency of alchemical ceremony is a seed, operating beyond our perceptual capabilities in this dualistic paradigm.

Just as the life-perpetuating component within a seed, which even under the meticulous dissection of dry science remains magically elusive, the elemental coherence of ceremony is beyond explanation and measurement in linear terms. Alchemical ceremonies stimulate resonant response patterns within the cerebral cortex to provoke a powerful brain chemistry that unfetters the intellect from its dogmatic space-time parameters, opening a gateway into a limitless continuum.

An alchemical ceremony is an interactive schematic of resolution that operates outside of the problem, offering transcendent opportunities that exist beyond this finite paradigm, in which the potential for transformation is generally constrained within conditioned concepts of the possible.

To psychoanalyse our behavioural dilemmas is to utilise a solution that exists at the level of the problem, for our analytical skills evolve from a brain that is not fully functional due to the disconnection of circuitry. It is the modification of brain capacity that forms the fountainhead of those behavioural patterns. The alchemical combination inherent within a coded ceremony reaches beyond the conclusions of the psychological model which is ignorant of the divine immortal identity and oblivious to the core mutation that has created the behaviour it tries to heal.

Rather than casting you once again in the trauma vortex of past tragedies to adopt a new behavioural ‘sanity’ through someone else’s intellectual idea of it, the healing available through alchemical ceremony offers authentication of the inherent perfection that resides in the innocent heart of each Human.

An alchemical ceremony is an initiation distilled to its essential form. Beyond shame, guilt and repentance, something not to be endured but celebrated, sacred ceremony raises the desired model of Human behaviour out of the intellectual arena and into the field of experience.

Rather than engaging in processes that steer you further into the insanity of conflict, alchemical ceremonies honour the holonomic nature of the Human masterpiece. They are spatial, animated, interactive mandalas that invite you to integrate your sense of self into the wheel of eternal existence…cog by cog, as what you know becomes who you are.

Each ceremony activates and integrates a deeper level of electromagnetic Source Consciousness delivered by the circuitry, drawing your field of awareness into the embrace of the holistic space-time continuum, initiating the resurrection of the light body matrix that is the true Human template.

Geometry is the prime configurations of elemental forces as they coalesce into manifestation in this dimension.

As with any transformational process, there is a transitional stage of re-orientation. As your energy system is reinstated via the reconnection of circuitry old patterns and programs are gradually released and replaced by a definition of self that is aligned with your identity prior to the genetic modification of the Human blueprint.

Reconnection with the true continuum initiates a dismantling of denial in conjunction with a realisation of a reunion with the Divine. In this way, that which is lost is replaced with something authentic, and thus is sustained and supported by the forces of creation, leading to personal empowerment, groundedness, lessening of fear and the healing of relationships. This process is organically regulated by an individual’s ability and desire to either accelerate or slow down their progression.

The codes embedded in the design and progression of a Template ceremony create a frequency that is an energetic confirmation of the integrity of the Human masterpiece prior to our genetic modification – reconnecting, through resonant feed-back, the circuitry system that will ultimately resurrect the full Human blueprint embedded in the Human matrix.

The Foundation Ceremonies initiate the emotional resolution that establishes a strong and stable platform on which to transcend blame, guilt and shame as you take responsibility for your decision to enter conceptual existence, to move beyond the residual illusions of duality that play out through the dramas of your domestic identity.

As you do so you encounter your true self. Your identity expands beyond the limits set in place by the confines of mundane reality to remember the divine embrace from which you emerged to incarnate as its autonomous, sentient instrument, honouring and acknowledging your invincible self that exists beyond the mortal lie. The gateway to the path that leads to the transmutation of the life/death/rebirth cycle is revealed.

Establishing this divine relationship energetically as a frequency within your field, you recognize and appreciate the overview of your predicament, moving out of denial and embodying the courage to discern the truth of your core identity and the authentic history of this Earth and its Humanity.

With every circuit this alliance becomes clearer and stronger as you energetically leave behind the frequency of the synthetic matrix and its mutant reality, shedding the various layers of your mortality.

The Water ceremony takes you back to the first choice, before the first breath, before the first heartbeat.

At birth, the infant, in a state of profound vulnerability as it takes its first independent breath, activates all of its bio-informational centres as it anticipates its imminent imprinting by the geomagnetic field of the Earth and the stars. It is encoded by the prevailing celestial influences embodying the frequency of its planetary signature, its unique identity as a fractal aspect of the solar holography, reconnecting circuits that relate to conception, gestation, birth and childhood, returning the primal resonant integrity of the energetic electromagnetic relationship to mother, father, brothers and sisters, not only within this incarnation but also through the ancestral soul lineage of past and future generations.

The restoration of the integral reunion between the self and the first manifestation of the autonomous aspects of the Divine Androgynous Potency, the first female and the first male ambassadors of Source Awareness, infuses your present day relationships. This establishes a strong and stable platform on which to initiate a deep healing process, one that will unfold from your inner core.

The Thymus Circuit is connected in conjunction with the conception and birth circuits. The thymus manufactures T-cells that regulate the immune system. These are intelligent molecules that eavesdrop on the internal language and are greatly affected during gestation, birth and childhood.

Reconnecting this circuit has a phenomenal effect on the life-defeating diseases that result from the primary disempowerment that undermines the formation of the emotional infrastructure and which can lead to a subconscious death-wish.

As forgiveness propels us into a sense of ourselves as the architects of our own existence, we realize that life is not happening to us but because of us – we stand in the centre, generating and orchestrating every movement, every moment; transcending victimhood and transforming our relationships from co-dependent to co-creative.


Circuitry streams Source Code information into the endocrine system. A master organ of this system is the pineal. There is a direct link between the function of this organ and the activation of dormant DNA. The ability of the pineal to decode the data stream of light intelligence defines it as our primary bio-signalling system that determines the dimensional spectrum within which we become conscious. When this gland is functioning at its full potential it is a biological time-machine. Tibetan Buddhists were so focused on this gland’s ability to affect consciousness that they devised long and arduous exercises to activate it, going so far as to physically create an aperture in the crown of the head so as to expose it to more light.

Constructed of retinoic cells, as are the eyes, the pineal encases a configuration of lenses that reflect and translate light. The wider the spectrum of light that this master gland can decode and distribute through the central nervous system and into the cells, the more it can reactivate dormant genetic material – for light is the resonant language of DNA. Through the reconnection of circuitry, the pineal will begin to rejuvenate and resurrect its full capacity to transmit light-encoded data, reactivating dormant DNA, ultimately culminating in the resurrection of the transcendental Human.

Several circuits stream electromagnetic life force energy into the pituitary/hypothalamus/pineal complex. This complex is an alchemical bio-laboratory that manufactures our neurochemicals and neurotransmitters, setting the subtle ratios that determine the recipe of our hormonal elixirs and their bio-informational signals.

These signals trigger resonant receptors within the Human matrix, which in turn set in motion the cogs and wheels of our deepest unconscious programs, programs that regulate procreative cycles and instigate and perpetuate the deterioration of the physical body. It is within this complex that we establish the neuro-chemical patterning that weaves the web of addiction, dependencies that struggle to compensate for our disconnection from Source.

Our lives are overrun and rooted in addictions that infiltrate almost every impulse, thought process and action. It is difficult to extricate ourselves from this predicament without a stable support system. The process of moving out of habitual response patterns and into non-dual conscious perception cannot be directed by the intellect alone. Reconnected circuits create the neuro-pathways that support our move away from our addictions, stabilizing the deprogramming process.

As we continue to tie our unconscious behaviour patterns into a mutant matrix, we cannot redirect our instinctual impulses. To extract ourselves from our addictions we must move off this existing morphogenetic grid by beginning the process of building and stabilizing a new frequency field in resonance with our original blueprint. The reconnection circuitry instigates this deprogramming/ reprogramming process.

The reconnection of circuitry that feeds the pituitary/hypothalamus/ pineal complex attunes our bodies to the crystalline core of Earth. Our pulses and impulses synchronize with our Mother Planet and we begin to function on true free energy, instigating a cellular renunciation of dependence, bringing us organically to our core identity and into a state of needlessness. We and the Tao become one.

When a psychoactive substance is ingested its residue is found within the pituitary/hypothalamus/pineal complex. It is here that the molecular construct of the ingested substance disturbs the delicate ratios that determine the balance of chemicals resonant with consensus reality, altering the frequency waves emitted from the brain. The visual/audible feedback of the environment mirrors this change. Hallucinations are not false realities – they are alternate realities tuned into as a result of a change in the chemical balance within the brain.

When we revitalize the pituitary/hypothalamus/pineal complex to its original function we establish an alternative brain chemistry, organically – a chemistry that is in resonance with the full spectrum of light. We regain a balance within the whole unit of bio-circuitry as the revitalization of the endocrine system creates a new body language in resonance with the creation frequency. A critical mass of restored units of circuitry will broadcast a collective vibration that will generate an environment in which anything that owes its existence to the subjugation of the male or female potencies will not be able to maintain its molecular structure.

Addictions come in many guises. When a deep-seated pattern of behaviour is disowned it clings to the rut where it has been stuck for so long, re-establishing its dominance over emotional and mental intensions. When an overriding behavioural reference is established tangibly in the body as an electromagnetic field of holistic intelligence, the transformation of emotional, mental and chemical addictions
is not only facilitated and accelerated but rendered sustainable. Resonant support for the desired change is constantly available from the download of the relevant circuit.

As these changes gradually and harmoniously take place we will begin to redefine the way in which we sustain ourselves. We will no longer be able to maintain our molecular structure by the taking of life in any form as the Human matrix is altered through heightened awareness of its inter-connectedness with all creation.


The test point for the Fire Circuit is situated in the perineum. This circuit feeds the gonads, which, in unison with the pituitary/ hypothalamus/pineal complex, manufacture the hormones that issue bio-informational signals. The present ratio of catalytic alchemical components within this hormonal recipe gives rise to the conspiracy of mortality. As procreation drags behind it inevitable death, love is made in fear.

Reconnecting the Fire Circuit and several of the circuits in subsequent ceremonies confronts death electromagnetically. The knowledge that “never was there a time when I did not exist… never will there come a time when I cease to be” is no longer only a philosophical or intellectually adopted concept which exclusively concerns the spirit, but is introduced into the physical matrix as an immortal frequency harmonic.

When the entire endocrine system is resurrected to the fullness of its original capabilities it will manufacture the hormonal elixirs that will carry to the physical matrix the full nurture of the Benevolence of Creation.

The metamorphosis from mortal to immortal will be stabilized when our collective consciousness creates a resonant global structure providing points of behavioural reference that allow the individual unit of circuitry to contain and transmit the higher frequencies that will break the tyranny of the present mortal consensus, dispelling the hypnotic amnesia and the burden of existential fear which has made Humanity so easy to control, awakening the fearless self.

As you integrate the energetic nature of Source Code information your attachment
to the fear-based addictive illusion of duality loosens its grip upon your perceptions…the electromagnetic resurrection of the sentient sovereign Human begins. Each alchemically coded ceremony connects another fractal of the full spectrum of the human photonic resonant field intimating the disassociation from the mutant matrix…reaching the most deeply rooted programming.

The collapse of the core identification with the fear-based consensus is initiated through the renunciation of the erroneous concept of original sin, a powerful component within the god/saviour program that stabilizes the elemental disempowerment of Humanity.

Each coded ceremony activates and integrates a deeper level of electromagnetic Source Consciousness delivered by the circuitry, drawing your field of awareness into the embrace of the holistic space-time continuum, initiating the resurrection of the light body matrix that is the true Human template. Initiating true self-acceptance and authenticity through the courage now engendered to face and transform the individual shadow, establishes sovereignty and respect for the sovereignty of others, not just as a concept but as a fully embodied experience.


Concurrent with the disconnection of vital circuitry and the resultant disassociation from the holistic continuum, the false historic interposition of omnipotent archetypes parading as deified entities have sabotaged Humanity’s sentient sovereignty. The infrastructure of messianic, redemptive, religious belief systems includes repressive programs that prohibit investigation into, and recognition of, the true propensities of the Human design.

Humanity’s deep-seated sense that it requires salvation is the consequence of arcane subliminal programs of guilt and shame that condemn self-realization and enlightenment to be achieved only after merciless, brutal and apparently endless punishment. The promise of deliverance to a heavenly realm is an ambiguous reward for the atonement of a cryptic, original transgression, committed in a time out of Human memory.

Our mortal sentence, in this world of Maya, is little more than a chance to earn redemption only after the slow, distressing, often agonizing, deterioration of our weak and sinful flesh – only after death, or many deaths, as liberation from suffering and the endless karmic wheel of rebirth requires lifetimes of penance. In some belief systems enlightenment is reserved for those who have, through various incarnations, risen through the lineage of the caste system and is often only achievable through a male incarnation. Even the emerging ‘ism’ of ‘interventionism’ continues to dis-empower Humanity through the concept that we were a primitive ignorant race in need of an alien genetic upgrade when in actuality it was an extraterrestrial interference that degraded it.

The allegation common to the majority of religions is that Humanity’s ‘original sin’ was and continues to be the audacity to desire to embody divinity, the transcendent propensity that was originally encoded into the Human blueprint prior to our genetic modification. Convinced of its fallen mortal state, Humanity is resigned to a retarded genetic program.

In order to enslave a race you take away its past, its memories, its ancestry…its identity. It is a much older ancestry that we all need to recall. Not the ancestry of separate nations that have created traditions and cultures that do unify but serve to separate and ultimately instigate war. We are all connected through our elemental resonance with this planet…we are all indigenous.

Humanity’s release from slavery must include an awakening to and a retrieval of our true history and thus in the collective Human psyche, a redefinition of God/Source.

Liberation and freedom are not political or religious issues – they are intrinsic to the definition of the divine Human blueprint prior to its modification. If you investigate the myriad of conspiracies now being revealed, the deeper you go the closer you come
to the core conspiracy that is generating the manifestation of all the others – the conspiracy of the anomalous entropic paradigm itself, generated by the brain-wave frequency feedback of a genetically altered race. We ‘in-habit’ an isolated temporal zone that has been modified to enslave consciousness and deprive the individual of its sentient sovereignty.The new paradigm, the new model of existence, will not come from better government, stricter policing or a more democratically organized global community. It will arise from a community that needs no governing at all. The new paradigm will be spun from the amalgamation of awakened consciousness transmitted by a unified people whose collective connection to Source will be fed into the bio-spheric membrane of Earth’s morphogenetic field.The download of electromagnetic energy delivered by connected circuitry does not differentiate and is not concerned with the good/bad rollercoaster ride that constitutes the stimulus/response patterns of this mutant fear-based reality that most people identify as their life experience. The energetic connections of the Template are purely offered as the electromagnetic re-embrace of the individual field into the holistic space-time continuum so that your truth may open to you… within you.The healing you experience as a result will be regulated by your own individual ability to integrate the collapsing of programs which have implicated your consciousness into the synthetic mutant matrix – and your desire and openness to align with cosmic order, as nature becomes your temple, and light your faith.EMBODY THE NEW PARADIGMAll life on this planet is sentient, sovereign points of reference within the solar holography, fractal aspects of one holonomic body of Divine Consciousness. The understanding of the higher physics of creation has returned to us the wisdom that we have all been fashioned from the same causative ocean of the indivisible numinous substance which conceives the spiralling galaxies. Looking to the stars we know the deep truth of our collective ancestry. Those who remember this unify through their knowledge that their communion with the divine and benevolent Source of their Creation is manifesting and flowing through their understanding of cosmic order. We can empower ourselves with the knowledge that we are the quantum shamans of our celestial ancestry, reborn into the darkest places of global power and media influence.There is an opportunity for an unprecedented quantum leap in Human evolution. The sustainability of an altered perception capable of generating a transformation that manifests as a transcendent paradigm requires a stable adjustment in the ratio of neuro-chemicals that define our brain wave frequency emissions, an adjustment that is resonant with the true Human design prior to our genetic modification and which occurs within the number of individuals required to reach the critical mass necessary to affect the morphogenetic field. This alteration is initiated by the return of electromagnetic download through the reconnection of the bio-circuitry.The Template is an impeccable holonomic model of transcendence that acknowledges and honours the maturation of Human spiritual identity. The spectrum of Source data embedded in the light of our Sun is propelling this age of enlightenment relentlessly onwards. Our challenge is to receive, decode, utilize and embody that light.”You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” …Richard Buckminster FullerThe understanding that physical transformation is intrinsic to the realization of a new paradigm, a new model of existence, has always been at the heart of the Template model.
Juliet Carter.



The Ceremony to Clear and Protect




The Template – The Ceremony of Synthesis – Code 2

The Template – Ceremony of Sacred Breath – Code 3


 –   https://youtu.be/2bym2vXYtS8






The New Paradigm

As this present cycle runs its course to begin its ascent upon the next evolutionary spiral, the structure of the material field is showing signs of extreme decay. Individually and collectively we face the deterioration of our socio-sexual, political, and religious structures, and witness the proliferation of environmental degradation, war, famine and genocide across our …


The Omni Resonance Ceremony Glastonbury 
DATE:  August 17th 2022 
Time to check-in :       10: 00 AM ends at 3:00 pm
Cost:     £120
leave an email at;
we strongly recommend that you read The Template Workbook –
WorldBridger, and watch the videos that are posted on this website.
More info will be sent to you by email when you have registered.
    Glastonbury is always a popular destination with a large choice of accommodation available. Be sure to book in advance
To be held at a stunning indoor/outdoor venue in the leyline woven heart of Glastonbury in which to hold the Omni Resonance Ceremony on Wednesday the 17th of August.
The Omni Resonance Ceremony is 16 Codes taken to a hyper distilled poem of creation. The progression of this Master Code holds the defining core frequency of each Code that speaks to the deconstruction of our entrapment within duality through the reconstruction of our light body matrix. Codes that relate to time, to binary generated axioms of causality and determinism, codes that recognise the true Human template as a toroidal transducer created between the divine directive of the Sun and the full magnetic frequency of a transcendent earth. The Code begins at the moment of the first choice, the first heartbeat as we chose the egg and the seed that brought us into this outrageous reality
The Earth Resonance Geometry at the centre of this Ceremony is a multi loopback, exponentially expanding, super dense nesting of toroidal hyperspheres. Just as an acorn holds a thousand forests each sphere energetically defines a never ending, nor beginning surface upon which a multitude of hyperspheres are birthed…each of these spheres birthing a multitude of fractalizing hyperspheres …it is the geometric frequency of eternity. It offers a field of frequency that is the resonant feedback of your soul’s covenant with light
Juliet J Carter

Below is a recent post from Facebook –

It was made clear from the beginning of our work with the Template that the Codes could not be widely shared until all were gathered. This would take waaay longer than we imagined.

We needed to not only integrate the previous Codes in order to move on but to continue to evaluate the extent of the experiment upon Humanity and the impact of the genetic modification of the Human Blueprint. This included gauging the deficit of perception that each circuit had the propensity to rectify and required moving in and out of many cultures and communities. Journeys that stripped away what we thought we knew and who we were

Each Code was shared in Ceremony with groups in various countries and the feedback was gathered, interpreted and integrated in order to bring coherence and clarity to the path forward and the next Code. We had been working with circuitry through a therapeutical model in 1989…the first Code emerged in the White Spring in Glastonbury in 1992

Without this kind of context had I been presented with some of the latest codes back in the 90s I would not have understood them, nor would Jiva have been able to translate them into their counter resonant geometric forms. As the global experiment moved forward the Codes would find ways to permeate consciousness through areas via morphogenetic diffusion. At some point, they would be boundary-less.

The ultimate dissemination of Codes will eventually occur through the hyper resonant field created by a critical mass of conscious connectivity leading to a quantum leap within the Human bio-computer’s ability to receive, decipher, integrate and transmit the energetic nature of Source Code data.

The phase prior to that is film. In the last year we have devised a format that will hold all 16 Codes on one 3 hour film. We are and have been in a holding pattern awaiting the finances and the artists that will make that possible. We have come to understand and accept the delay. Timing is everything.

The Template model is organic, alive and holds within it a propensity for homeostasis …a self-regulating program that enables it to maintain its potency and stability while adjusting to changing external conditions. As long as we continue to be open to recognising every obstacle as an opportunity to evaluate it’s path forward we will be able to keep up with it !

To face the process of release and renewal that ensures that we continue to optimise ease of use without compromising the potency of the Codes we must pay attention.  We have to expand our own ability to integrate in order to perceive the next phase and ensure that the new state maintains a mirror waveform resonant with the creation frequency. A form that maintains its integrity to fulfil its function to perpetuate an interactive, hyperconnective fractal model of transcendence

After a couple of years in the Chrysalis, the Template is spreading its new wings. An omniopathic form that honours the understanding that the Human Soul Covenant contains a holonomic symbiotic code in which the Human design is the sensory organ for planetary transformation as Earth is the sensory organ for Human transformation. Our Sun is the mediator and catalyst in this relationship. The covenant between us is written in the geometric language of light.