The Template is a holonomic whole system that reveals the symbiotic connection between the geometric signal of light, bio-circuitry, the endocrine system, DNA and the morphogenetic field. Circuitry is the delivery system for the energetic nature of the Source Code.

The Source Code is encrypted as electromagnetic intelligence written in the geometric language of light.

The energetic nature of consciousness that fosters all life is integrated by the Human heart/ body/mind via bio-circuitry. Circuitry supplies and integrates Source Intelligence, translating this life directive into the bio-informational matrix that is the vibratory infrastructure of the Human Hologram.

The Source Code is electromagnetic (electric – male, magnetic – female). The acceleration of electromagnetic data generated by the reconnection of biocircuitry rejuvenates the endocrine system. The function of our endocrine system defines our ability to achieve photonic resonance – to receive, decipher, utilise and transmit the full spectrum Source Code of light. Through resonance, the Light Code resurrects the dormant genetic material in the DNA.

Out of 3 billion base pair chemicals in the Human gene code, only 60 million are active. As a result of the genetic modification of the Human Blueprint and the psychosocial, chemical, political, religious and electromagnetic manipulation of Human consciousness …We are engaged in and interacting within a mutant entropic paradigm generated by the brainwave frequency feedback of a genetically altered race.

The sustainability of an altered perception capable of generating a transformation that manifests as a transcendent paradigm resonant with the full spectrum of the original Human Masterpiece, requires a stable endogenous adjustment in the ratio of neuro-chemicals that define our brainwave frequency emissions, an adjustment that is resonant with the true Human design prior to our genetic modification.

“The mind is more powerful than any imaginable particle accelerator, more sensitive than any radio receiver or the largest optical telescope, more complete in its grasp of information than any computer: the human body- its organs, its voice, its powers of locomotion, and its imagination- is a more-than-sufficient means for the exploration of any place, time or energy level in the universe”. 

Terence McKenna.

Understanding the role and function of the pineal clarifies the connection between circuitry, the endocrine system and the resurrection of the original Human design prior to genetic modification. It is this gland that is responsible for the absorption, translation and distribution of light as information.

Due to the modification of the DNA and the disconnection of circuitry, the pineal is in atrophy as it has been separated from its life-force energy supply. 

Constructed of retinic cells, as are the eyes, the pineal encases a series of lenses that reflect and translate light into data for the body’s bio-informational system to utilize. The more electromagnetic life-force the body system is integrating (through the reconnection of circuitry), the more the endocrine system is rejuvenated and its capacity to absorb and decipher light is expanded. The deciphered light is distributed through the central nervous system and into the DNA.

At this time the atrophy of the pineal renders it capable of translating only a limited spectrum of light. As the pineal is rejuvenated via the reconnection of circuitry and the acceleration of electromagnetic input, it absorbs and translates further spectrums of light.

As this light reaches the DNA as Source Intelligence, it creates a cellular resonance with the light-encoded disconnected genetic material. This expanded spectrum of light holds the immortal code of the universal matrix for which there is a dormant counter-resonant code present within the disconnected genetic material that lies within every cell.

The new paradigm will not be born of the mind…it will be understood in the mind, felt in the heart and made TANGIBLE TROUGH THE BODY

Through alternative healing methods, we have become aware of our electromagnetic energy fields and the importance of our neurobiology and biochemistry. Through this, and the discoveries made in the field of genetics, we are becoming aware that there is a science

to spirituality and that our chemistry affects our consciousness. Taking this further, we are now making the connection between the mutant state of our DNA and the present global insanities of war, genocide and endless Human suffering.

Humanity is awakening to a new body-awareness as we are driven to gain mastery over our own inner workings and to discover how we interact with and co-create the reality in which we find ourselves.


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It’s a total joy to bring this New Year gift to you from the team at Template Lucid Films.
No doubt in 2019 the madness will continue, if not escalate. The challenge is as always not to contract into the isolation of fearfulness but expand our thresholds of endurance and acknowledge the decision we made to be here now- not despite the degeneration, corruption and decay of this paradigm’s governing systems, but because of it. This rotting fruit of history holds a new seed of initiation and transformation. Never was there a time when You did not exist, never will there come a time when you cease to be. You are unborn, eternal and everlasting. You are not only this, you are the universe. So what is the worst that can happen? —   AI, 5G, illuminate, Chemtrails, Black Goo, super Flu, entity invasions, vaccinations, Race Wars, Fake news, Cashless Society, Micro Chip economy, human slavery, Pizza Gate for fuck sake, Immigration escalate, ecocide, Genocide, heavy metals in the sky, closing down your 3rd eye, cyber wars, gender bores, Reptilian Overlords. truth is no ones lives matters. All this didn’t just happen. It is the culmination of an agenda set in motion a long time ago and the solution has never been found at the level of this problem. It is not of your making, don’t identify as a victim of it.
Reference yourself as a fractal aspect of primordial awareness that has manifested as your incarnate presence birthed in order to calibrate with the Source Code of light.
This morning I was greeted by this in my fb feed. As we face the death of our illusions we are all in a state of grief and as such can be of help to those we come in contact with… “In the Lakota/Sioux tradition, a person who is grieving is considered most holy. There’s a sense that when someone is struck by the sudden lightning of loss, he or she stands on the threshold of the spirit world. The prayers of those who grieve are considered especially strong, and it is proper to ask them for their help. You might recall what it’s like to be with someone who has grieved deeply. The person has no layer of protection, nothing left to defend. The mystery is looking out through that person’s eyes. For the time being, he or she has accepted the reality of loss and has stopped clinging to the past or grasping at the future. In the groundless openness of sorrow, there is a wholeness of presence and a deep natural wisdom.”
The Ceremony to Clear and Protect is a quintessential core self reference Code that contains within it a distillation of all Template Ceremonies. Template Codes being layers of the codification of the quintessential core Human fractal blueprint prior to genetic modification. Identity recalibration is essential…daily. Some days hourly. It can be a murmured incantation of reassurance as you draw in your breath. I am the light. It can be experienced as a rush of gratitude as various fortunate circumstances culminate in a moment of release.
I hold the light. It can be shouted at the shadows as they draw near. The light is with me always. And sometimes it gets too heavy and you need to look in the mirror and make it a Ceremony.


3 Template Codes are now on film.

The Template has realized the revolutionary achievement of embedding a coded experience

that initiates measurable, sustainable transformation, into film. An alchemically calibrated, holonomic convergence of sound, form and consciousness. Permanently reconnecting electromagnetic circuits that download the energetic nature of Source Code into your energy field and endocrine system, activating your disassociation from the fear-based paradigm, initiating the collapse of programs that are reliant upon the synthetic matrix and re-embracing the Human hologram into the interactive, co-creative holography of the true continuum.

Please share this with your family, friends, community and social media. We are committed to producing the entire series of all 16 ceremonies on film. If you would like to support this project please make a donation to…





The New Paradigm

As this present cycle runs its course to begin its ascent upon the next evolutionary spiral, the structure of the material field is showing signs of extreme decay. Individually and collectively we face the deterioration of our socio-sexual, political, and religious structures, and witness the proliferation of environmental degradation, war, famine and genocide across our …




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