A guide to Template materials

The Foundation Ceremony: OI DVD/2CD/Booklet pack:

This interactive DVD, the first in a planned series of 6, reconnects the 12 Foundation Circuits, permanently. The CDs are informational. The booklet contains illustrations of the circuit positions and the relevant geometry which facilitate the connection.

Worldbridger book: The Template revelations and the gripping and inspiring story of how they were received by Juliet and Jiva Carter.

The Template and the Sound of Time – Worldbridger Phi-sonic Resonance DVD/CD/ Booklet pack:

The Worldbridger book and The Template and The Sound of Time DVD, CD & Booklet pack, are particularly recommended for an explanation, overview and insight into the Template process.

The Template – A Holonomic Model of Transcendence: An illustrated book about the geometry and circuitry of the three first ceremonies.

Informational CDs: Foundation (2CD), Activation & Integration, Actualization

Please note that the Foundation 2CD is included in OI DVD /CD Booklet pack.

Original Innocence Breath Meditation CD