Meaning ? by Juliet Carter



WE RELENTLESSLY ATTACH MEANING to everything that we experience; categorising our interpretations and definitions according to the systems of evaluation we have been programmed with. These interpretations are dredged up and reused in a loop of behavioural response patterns.

Meaning is the construct we build between incoming data and the ability we have to translate it within the restrictions of the information in our bio-computers. As we expand our ability to perceive ‘reality’ integration of an expanded sense of ourselves and our existence requires we allow the stale and obsolete meaning in our lives to disintegrate and make way for a recalibration.

Easier said than done. There are trillions of behaviour/resonance patterns stored in the cerebral cortex. Programs that coalesce into a resonance with the prevailing paradigm of entropy and death. Programs imbedded through the trauma taken on in the tender and vulnerable years of childhood. Programs that until now have convinced you of a mortal fear based paradigm that asserts itself with every breath you have taken.

When you attempt to countermand a programmed response that has crystallised from a habitual reaction into an enforced dependency the behaviour in question soon reestablished it’s previous groove.

It is because the circuitry system delivers the energetic nature of knowledge in the form of electromagnetic frequencies, a communication unencumbered by the confines of the spell of language, that indoctrination is overridden. The information transmitted via circuitry has not been filtered through the external agenda of any entity. It holds the harmonic of the Source Code relevant to your unique blueprint prior to its modification. This electromagnetic data reestablishes your quintessential identity as it embraces your field into the true continuum beyond the confines of the present dualism of this mutant paradigm.

The adjustment is embodied. This is why the impact of a reconnection of circuitry can actuate a fast tract to transformation…sometimes thrusting you into a sense of disorientation as the emotional body holds onto the residual comfort of denial. You feel torn, conflicted and often in relation to the consensus measure of sanity, you feel crazy. As was spoken of at length in the Glastonbury workshops, identity recalibration is essential…daily. Some days hourly. That’s the work. The Ceremony of Synthesis and Ceremony of Sacred Breath (now freely on film) are powerful identity calibrations.

There can be a time of transition when the path you have been standing on is collapsing…and it is down to you to forge the way forward. It is entirely reasonable to spend a bit of time between these two processes and suspend yourself in that well known spiritual state of ‘Fuck This’. But…don’t set up camp there …move on ASAP.

Our dictionaries tell us that ‘reality’ is ‘the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them’. The dictionary also translates idealism as the ‘unrealistic belief in or pursuit of perfection’. We are redefining the art of the possible. We are impossibly out of control.
BY ;   Juliet J Carter