Schedule and information
Day one will begin with an orientation to the Template as a whole system. Ceremony 5 will be held in the afternoon. On subsequent days each Code will be identified as a fractal aspect of the whole system and it’s unique dynamic will briefly be explained, including its impact as both as a spoken code and the geometry that resonates with each fractal of the Human Light Body Matrix
15th Day 1) Orientation, Ceremony 5
16th Day 2) Ceremonies 6 & 7
17th Day 3) Ceremonies 8 & 9
18th Day 4) Ceremonies 10 & 11
19th Day 5) Ceremonies 12 & 13
20th Day 6) Ceremonies 14 & 15
21st Day 7) Ceremony 16
& The Earth Resonance Ceremony for those unable to attend on the Tor
22nd Day 8) Earth Resonance Ceremony held on the Tor
Cost of full course £ 700.00
Cost of each day £ 120.00
Earth Resonance Held on Tor – no charge
Please send us notification of your commitment to come…however… We will not be accepting any deposits until we are closer to the workshop beginning date of February 15th when we can feel secure that a new lockdown will not be enforced. We need to keep an eye on travel restrictions, limited attendance notices and vaccination mandates. We will keep you constantly updated.
    Regrettably there will be no facilities available for you to bring children to the Assembly Rooms.
    It is absolutely necessary for every attendee to have previously either attended Ceremonies 1-4 or engaged with them via film. Ceremonies 5 – 16 will have no affect unless the foundation for them via the extremely powerful circuitry of 1-4 is in place. If you have not already experienced them they are all on film, either via YouTube or you can order a Flash Drive at…
    We STRONGLY suggest that you make every effort to study the Template by listening to Podcasts, reading the books and if you are on Facebook study the posts that are loaded with information
    5G has been introduced to this area. All mobile phones must be left in room, cars or at the front desk in sealed named envelopes
    Glastonbury is always a popular destination with a large choice of accommodation available. Be sure to book in advance
    There are several good restaurants in town and the Assembly Rooms own cafe may be open in February.